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What is MiMo?

In line with the CBN objectives of creating a world-class mobile payments framework, MKudi has launched a next generation, electronic digital payments platform - MiMo.

MKudi Nigeria Limited is a locally incorporated company and a subsidiary of the Vanso Group that was formed for the purpose of creating and managing an independent mobile money payment scheme in Nigeria. Our vision is to be the trusted brand of choice for the savvy Nigerian consumer and, with MiMo, we believe we have developed the ultimate cashless payment solution as well as a one-stop-shop for value-added services.

The company was awarded a provisional license by the Central Bank of Nigeria in November 2010 and obtained a full operating license in November 2011. MKudi was awarded a grant by EFInA (EFInA is funded by the DFID & The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) to carry out the pilot which enabled us to develop and run our project in certain areas in Nigeria, namely Kano, Abuja and Lagos.


Easy & Convenient to Use

Customer experience is paramount and, to that end, we have developed a simple registration process coupled with an intuitive interface.


Anytime, anywhere

Perform transactions anytime, anywhere – just by using your mobile phone! No need to memorize keywords or transaction codes. It's that easy!


Keep you PIN safe

Just remember to keep your PIN safe and DO NOT, under any circumstances, reveal it to anyone!



MiMo offers different types of accounts to suit various needs: Personal Account and Merchant Account


MiMo for Merchants

For SMEs, one-man-bands and artisans alike, MiMo offers the same flexibility as it does for the individual user in terms of being in control of the movement of one's own money. It also offers the ability to generate and send invoices to customers who are then able to make payments directly to merchants' mobile wallets. These payments can be moved into merchants' linked bank accounts or stored in their MiMo wallets, becoming instantly available to make payments to their own suppliers of goods and services.

Another MiMo innovation is system-generated, unique URLs for each merchant that wishes to lead customers to his or her MiMo Payment page (MPP). This is a simple, publicly accessible landing page for making payments and can be linked to through an existing website, Facebook or Twitter page – simply anywhere you can insert the link.

It goes without saying that this not only provides customers with an easier way to pay, but it also offers merchants the chance to receive real-time payments instantly, securely and cost-effectively!

This innovative MiMo technology can also be applied to organisations such as schools, clubs and societies for the prompt payment of fees, dues and subscriptions.


MiMo is growing & evolving

MiMo is an ongoing  project and always will be. We are forever dreaming up ways to improve it and make it more useful to you. However, we don't have all the answers. In fact, we're pretty sure you have more ideas than we could ever come up with, so please share them with us! E-mail us, like MiMo on Facebook, or follow @paywithmimo MiMo on Twitter.