Frequently Asked Questions

What is MiMo?
MiMo is MiMo Payment Services LTD’s updated mobile money platform. MiMo received a licence from CBN in August 2011 to carry out mobile money operations.
What is ‘Mobile Money’?
‘Mobile Money’, is the provision of Services whereby customers use their mobile device to send and receive monetary value - or more simply put, to transfer money electronically from one person to another using a mobile phone. This stored monetary value or e-money (Electronic Money) can then be used to perform a variety of transactions. (SEE ‘What can I do with my MiMo account‘)
What is the difference between Mobile Money and Mobile Banking?
‘Mobile Money’ is the e-money solution for facilitating transactions through one’s mobile device – mobile phone, smartphone, iphone and tablet as well as one’s PC. ‘Mobile Banking’ is the provision of banking and financial services over a mobile communication device. Mobile Banking services typically comprise account balance checks and inter account transfers as well as routine administrative tasks such as ordering a new chequebook.
Do I need a bank account to use MiMo?
Presently, MiMo requires users to link their MiMo account to an existing bank account. The service will gradually be expanded to encompass both the semi-banked and unbanked sectors of the Nigerian population.
How do I register an account with MiMo?
Click on the following link and follow the simple steps of our straightforward registration process. On the Registration page you will also find a guide if you have any problems.
How does MiMo work?
Just like the wallet in your pocket, your MiMo mobile wallet lets you pay for airtime, bills and a variety of goods and services as well as sending and receiving money but electronically - without the need to carry physical cash.
How do I fund my MiMo account?
Once you have registered for a MiMo account, you can go to the ‘Pay Direct’ counter at any Access or Zenith Bank branch and fund your MiMo wallet – be sure to have your account details with you such as MiMo user name and account number. You will receive an SMS confirming once your account has been credited successfully. (Banking charges may apply. MiMo will not charge you to fund your wallet) Other funding channels will become available as the service and banking infrastructure develops.
What can I do with my MiMo account?
Once your MiMo account is in credit, this allows you to pay for goods and services online and at physical merchant locations, to send and receive money, to buy airtime top-up for yourself and others, to pay your household utility bills as well as any subscriptions, fees and charitable donations.
Is my money safe with MiMo?
Keeping customers’ money and identity secure is top priority for MiMo. Here's how we do it:
  1. Encryption - Advanced encryption technology helps keep your transactions secure. MiMo uses Verisign SSL with extended validation to protect financial transactions and to also identify our website to our customers.
  2. TRUSTe reviews our privacy policy periodically to ensure with we adhere to best practices.
  3. PINs - Sending money from your account requires a confidential PIN as an extra security precaution.
  4. Multi-factor Authentication - Asking for a little more information when you log in helps protect your identity and prevent unauthorized access.
What if my phone is stolen or lost?
Unlike a physical wallet, if your mobile phone or device is stolen or misplaced the money stored in your MiMo wallet is protected by your PIN. Please contact us to suspend your account immediately. We strongly recommend that you choose your password and PIN carefully (avoid 1111/0000 etc) and do not store them on your phone nor reveal them to anyone. Once you have obtained a replacement SIM card, please contact a MiMo customer service representative to reactivate your account. Email: Call: +234 70064664357 (0700 MiMo HELP)
What if I forget my PIN?
Please contact a MiMo customer service representative to reset your PIN. Email: Call: +234 70064664357 (0700 MiMo HELP) If you forget your username and/or password these can be reset from a link on the portal and on your mobile device.
As a registered MiMo user can I send money to an unregistered person?
Yes! They would then have to register and activate their own MiMo account:
As a registered MiMo user can I send airtime to an unregistered person?
Yes! Airtime will be directly credited to their phone. No need for scratchcards or the time-consuming process of entering PINs.
How do I know if a transaction has completed successfully?
Whether you are transacting over the portal on your PC or on your smartphone/mobile device a confirmation SMS will be sent to your registered mobile device.
What if the network is ‘down’?
MiMo works over all mobile networks in Nigeria but has no control over the network itself. If your chosen network is ‘down’ it is an issue with your provider and you will be unable to use MiMo for the duration of the service failure.
How can I block or unblock users?
You may choose to block a user from whom you have received a money request or invoice. On your account overview page you can view money requests from other users. Click on the 'Block this user' link for any money request to prevent that user from sending you any further requests. All pending requests from that user will be cancelled and they will be prevented from sending you any other more. The user you are blocking will receive a notification that you have blocked requests from them. On the bottom of your profile page you can view a list of users that you have blocked. You may unblock a user by clicking on the link that says 'Unblock'.
Are there any fees for using MiMo?
MiMo is free to sign up for and to request and receive money. You can find out about additional fees here on the getting started page.
Why do my transfers or requests appear as pending?
If you send money or request money from a non-MiMo user, these transactions will have a status of pending until the other party signs up for MiMo.