Get started with MiMo

MiMo is simple to use.

It is easy to get started using MiMo. Read on!


Sign-up is quick & easy

1. Sign up for a MiMo account
2. Link to a bank account
3. Fund you MiMo wallet

Add money

Once you're signed up, it's easy to put money in your MiMo account with Through a debit card or in person at your bank. Just log in to and click the "Add Money" tab. With a few clicks, you'll be done.


Send & receive money

It's as easy as 123 - Just send money via your MiMo account to someone's telephone number and that’s it. If you receive money on your phone and you’ve already signed up as a MiMo user, the money will go straight into your MiMo wallet. If you’re not a MiMo user – no sweat! Just follow the easy steps to register in your notification email/sms.

Use the web, your smartphone or SMS

You can access your MiMo account any place and time through the web, on a smartphone or even a SMS from any cell phone. With simple SMS commands you can: Check your MiMo balance, send money, request money and get help. Find out more...