Using SMS with MiMo

You can use MiMo from any *verified* phone with these following simple SMS commands.

Need help? Text 'help' to long code 08076667000, and we'll reply with instructions.

Check your MiMo balance

Text 'bal' or 'balance' to long code 08076667000 and we’ll text back your balance.


Send Money

Text 'send' to long code 08076667000 and specify the amount; the recipient’s username, email address or phone number; and an optional note.


Request Money

Text 'get' to long code 08076667000. Include the words 'get' and 'from' and specify the amount and the MiMo username or email address of the person you’re requesting money from along with an optional note. You can even enter several users, just separate them with a comma.


send 10.99 username
send 10.99 username note thx for dinner
send 10.99 note thanks
send 10.99 to 08012345678 note thank you!


get 10 from username
get 10 from username note payment for dinner
get 10 from
get 10 from username, username, username